Our Advantages

Proud to serve customers across North America since 1972.

High Quality Standards 

Our Quality Management Systems established the high standards to achieve  best results in machining and fabrication.  We are proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified and strictly follow the undertaken responsibilities. Our signature is our quality product that is successfully applied in construction, Oil & gas, tooling and other industries for over 30 years. Our top priority is to secure that our customers’ requirements are met to full extent. 

Top-Class Technology

We apply most up to date technology to complete your project, our equipment grants precision, quality and durability.  Out professional team follows up closely on manufacturing process and ensures that all special requirements are accomplished.

Top-Class Experts

Our team is dedicated to fulfilling customers’ expectations. For more than 30 years we are recognized for our professionalism, reliability and commitments. Top class professionals are in charge to secure the completions of your order, we offer complete post-production technical support.